The Standard Bed Sizes

Beds come in different sizes and in different material together with their fitting size mattresses. A bed serves a specific purpose depending on its size and location of such a bed. The most common bed standard sizes include 3 by 6 inches, 3 and half by 6, 4 by 6, 5 by 6 as well as a 6 by 6 inch bed. This paper elaborates about each size and their ordinary places as well as uses.

The smallest size beds, 3 by

The smallest size beds, 3 by 6 feet beds, are usually prepared in schools, healthcare facilities as well as in lodgings. In hospitals, these small size beds are efficient in sustainably utilizing less space as a bed serves a single patient at a time. Mattresses that fit on a 3-inch bed are also of exact measurements as the bed itself. Most of the schools, especially in boarding schools, the smallest size beds are preferred because they can fit in more numbers compared larger sized beds. Since students are less likely to share a bed, a large bed may serve no purpose, but consume space that would have otherwise help fix another bed. The compact beds serve the same purpose in some lodgings especially in those that can hold more than 5 people. Instead of sharing a large bed, small beds separates clients as well as creating a sense of privacy among them.

Almost all beds have a length

Almost all beds have a length of 6-feet except king’s size beds that may measure up to 12 feet. A bed measuring 3.5 feet is associated with college students as most of the students can purchase them. The reason is that students can afford it and this bed size is at least bigger compared to institution beds. Bedding for this bed size including bedsheets are easily available in markets at student friendly prices. These beds can commonly be found in student hostels apart from the institution hostels. A 3 and half-inch-bed can offer sleeping space for two students who cannot mind sharing a bed.

The Standard Bed Sizes

A bed measuring 4 feet are assumed to be family beds and are found in homes. Bigger bedding are suitable for a family because bedrooms are usually spacious. Large bedding serves a family effectively as kids can share a larger bed as compared to when they are using a small bed. This kind of bed size come in varied designs to impress the user. The colors of such beds are as well preferred in a particular manner, for instance, pink for ladies and dull blue for men. The four legs of this bed size have to be strong enough to give enough support to the whole bed. Cut slats should not be thin because they need to support the mattress as well as those sleeping on the bed.

Queen size bed is as well called the five by six length bed. This bed is in addition associated with newly married couples who have not produced kids. The headboards can be decorated with art or even have drawers with handles. The footboard is necessary given that the vastness of the bed may cause confusion on where to lay your head. When a woman is pregnant, a queen’s bed is the best option to use. The size is just enough, not too big and not too small, to roll around.

A square as well as bigger bed has a size of a 6 by 6 feet, and it is called a king’s size bed. This bed size is common in most family bedrooms, and they are the most expensive beds. Majority of them are made from the best quality wood to give them that standard attribute. The legs, sides as well as the cut slats of a king’s bed size have to be thick to support the weight exerted by the huge mattresses, cut slats as well as users of the beds. King’s size beds are preferred by families especially a couple with kids so that in case kids want to fix themselves, there is space for them to sleep.

There can be much bigger beds measuring as large as 12 feet, but these beds are not common. They may require large rooms to fit and this may be the reason as to why they are found in homes.