Reasons Why Dogs Make Digging Motions In Furniture

Dogs have a couple of odd behaviors that may leave you astonished or annoyed. One of these behaviors is digging on the furniture, precisely the couch. These digging motions may sometimes either ruin your furniture or have no effect. Many dog owners do not comprehend why their dogs do this, hence do not know what to do to turn the trait into something positive. The important thing to know is that these digging motions cannot be entirely stopped as they are inborn natural instinctual habits. There are a number of reasons for this habit that will be discussed in this piece.

Interesting smells are the number one

Interesting smells are the number one cause that makes dogs dig on your furniture. These smells seem unique to them or may be food aromas. Dogs find it hard to resist them and in turn make digging motions with the intent of finding where the smell is coming from. As dogs have a strong sense of distinguishing different smells, each one attracts them. Always ensure that you clean up after dropping anything with a scent on your furniture to avoid cushions being torn by the dog.

Reasons Why Dogs Make Digging Motions In Furniture

While searching for dropped crumbs or pieces of food, a dog may tend to dig through the furniture. They will not stop until every piece is retrieved in turn causing damage. After mealtimes, clean up, or use the dining area rather than the couch. You should also feed your dog away from the furniture. Dogs love to hide things that they feel should be protected from threats. When trying to do that, dogs dig through furniture to fix their cherished items between the cushions. Hiding valuable staff is an instinct that dogs have, and they can do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.

Being excited or stressed about something can make dogs make digging motions on the furniture to feel relieved. Anxiety makes dogs uncomfortable and to release it, your furniture may pay the price. For example, a dog sees another dog outside and feels like playing. The best way to shed that anxiety may be to make digging motions in the furniture. Boredom is another cause for digging through the couch.

As is evident from the above piece, a number of reasons can make your dog dig through your furniture. Some causes are preventable unlike others, so it is your choice how to deal with the situation. Inviting smells, lost crumbs, stress, etc., are some reasons dogs make digging motions on furniture.